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Baking Mixes

Classic Scone Mix

Lion's Classic Scone mix guarantees you will make the perfect afternoon tea snack that doesn't only taste delicious- but is simple to make too!

Pastry Kit

The Lion Pastry Mix is the perfect solution to creating the most delicious pastry cases - both sweet and savoury. With just 3 easy steps this mix makes making a pie as easy as pie.

Tapioca Pearls

Conjure up happy childhood memories with this classic dessert. Tapioca pudding is loved by children and adults alike for its versatile flavours.

Original Pancake Mix

Lion's Original Pancake mix is a great value option, a great base to host your very own pancake party! 

Lion Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

Lion's Double Chocolate Brownie mix will guarantee fudgy, decadent results every time..with a size just big enough to share! 

Custard Powder Vanilla Mix

In three easy steps, Lion helps you make the perfect vanilla flavoured custard every time! It tastes delicious wrapped in a scroll, poured on your favourite desserts or simply by itself.


Lion Corn Flour is made from wheat. It can be used in many sweet and savoury dishes as a thickener or to enhance texture and appearance. Ideal for sponge cakes, custards, pavlovas  and gravy.

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